Welcome Green Aspirations!

We are very excited to welcome Green Aspirations to Cardross! Green Aspirations are a woodland-based social enterprise, with a mission to inspire outdoor learning. From their new home on the west of Cardross, they will conduct workshops, run activities and of course explore the rest of Cardross.

Green Aspirations is all about creating opportunities to experience nature first hand through education, volunteering, workshops and parties. By learning new skills, from woodland management to whittling, they aim to encourage and inspire a new generation to care for their environment.

Team building day in the woods.

They haven’t lost time in settling in and have already sold out their very popular Wee Skelfs. Whilst at Wee Skelfs, children are encouraged to free play and to explore their natural surroundings. From building dens to putting on shows on the tree-house stage, children use their imaginations, assess risk, and solve problems.

There is also the Wee Skelfs Activity Pack (available online), which includes ideas for games and craft activities. Perfect timing for the summer holidays!

Wee Skelves Activity Pack

Workshops for adults will also start this autumn. So if you are looking for a birthday party that’s a bit different, check out their Bushcraft Parties.

We must also not forget Green Aspirations’ annual event, the Great Scottish Spoon Hoolie. This is to be held on Cardross 20-23 May 2021. Be sure to put it in your diary!!

Green Aspirations believe that a close connection with nature and spending time with like-minded people, is not only very important but has wonderful benefits for health and well being. A view that we at Cardross also share, and so we warmly welcome them and look forward to working together at their new home.